Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 1: Whaleshark Watching + Tumalog Falls / Sumilon Island + Osmeña Peak

Whaleshark Watching

We woke up at 4 AM to catch the earliest batch to watch the whalesharks, to get the best shots with less photobombers and to avoid too much init sa araw. We arrived at the Orientation Area at 5 AM (a 5-minute-walk from where we stayed) not knowing it opens at 5:30 AM. Tulog pa daw kasi ung mga sharks, char! So, we had our early photoshoot instead. 

WHALE-come to Oslob! ♡

Orientation is 15 minutes. Whaleshark Watching encounter lasts for about 30 minutes.

Important: WEARING SUNBLOCK IS PROHIBITED. It can harm our lovely gentle giants.

P500– snorkeling and whaleshark encounter
P100- rental of underwater camera

1. The earlier, the better.
2. The whalesharks are friendly. They only eat krills (small shrimps)
3. Avoid being too scared when the whalesharks get near you, 'cause you might unintentionally kick them.
4. Swimming down is a challenge but the guides will push you in the water to stay longer in the deep.
5. Trust the guides when they position you, they know the best spots and will surely help you get your photo op.
6. Bring your own underwater camera for your convenience.
Your guides are gopro savvy, so nothing to worry just set your cam then give it to them. Recommendation: GoPro: Video + Camera; 5 sec-interval. Magscreenshot ka na lang kesa magpicpic ka)
7. Bring drinking water incase you're the kind of person who get thirsty easily. The ocean is really salty.

Tumalog Falls Sumilon Island

We originally planned to go to Tumalog Falls right after the whaleshark watching but unfortunately, the road going there is under construction. So we had a detour to Sumilon Island. I can't get enough of this island! ❤ This place is such a beauty!

P250/head - Island Transfer (malaking speed boat)
P50/head – Island's Entrance Fee

We had our packed breakfast in the island before soaking in the sun then headed back to our lodge.

Breakfast: Canned Tuna + Rice #tipidmoves

Lunch at Big J's Restaurant

Osmena Peak

Our next agenda was to go to Osmeña Peak. It is the highest point of Cebu and also being called the Little Baguio of the South. It is famous because of its rugged peaks similar to the chocolate hills of Bohol.

We rode a Ceres Bus going to Cebu and ask the driver to drop us off at Dalaguete (pronounced as DALAGET), just 3 towns away. From there we meet our Multicab driver, Kuya Rolman, who will take us to O'Peak to Kawasan Falls, Badian (pronounced as BADJAN).

You can ask your habal-habal/multicab driver to be your guide or you can ask the kids there, P50/guide. Hiring a guide is optional, you can still reach the peak even wihout one. The difficulty level of this trek is Easy since they have a good trail.

Sunrise is the best time to see the 360 view of Cebu from the peak. My friends and I arrived at the peak in the afternoon, because we planned to catch the sunset. Unfortunately, it was too foggy at that time.

You can also build your tents and spend a night at Osmeña Peak.

Note: The toilet is located at the foot of Osmeña Peak. P5

Going to Kawasan Falls, Badian via Alegria

We bought food from Mantongan Market for our dinner before we head to Kawasan Falls.

Pwede ka mamalengke, doon ang bagsakan ng gulay.
There are also food vendors of ihaw-ihaw.

The travel to Badian was a looong breezy ride. (More than 1hr, tatawid ka ng bundok literal) Note: Bring Jacket.

Other option: You can rent a habal-habal going to Kawasan Falls, P300/head. Same fare lang sa multicab basta makipagtawaran ka na lang.

P60 - Ceres Bus going to Cebu (From Tan-awan, Oslob to Dalaguete)
P100 - Habal-habal from Dalaguete to the foot of Osmena Peak (Mantalongon Market)
*20 minute-trek ascending to Osmena Peak
*20 minute-trek descendingto the foot

Contact: Kuya Rolman - 0922 423 1523

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls Level 1

We arrived at Kawasan Falls at 7:30 PM. The entrance to the Falls is a 30-minute-walk or you can rent a habal-habal to get inside for P50.

We stayed at the 2nd level of Kawasan Falls.
● P1500/room with 2 big beds and 1 Fan.
● It can fit 4-6 persons.
● FREE 2 Towels.

Kahit hindi aircon ang lamig and the sound of the flowing water is really very relaxing.

There are restaurants in the area that sells affordable and tasty meals.


  1. Hi. Magkano rent niyo sa multicab?

  2. Hi. Magkano rent niyo sa multicab?

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